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Senior DevOps Engineer

Key skills required: Google Cloud | Amazon Web Services


Naviteq Ltd is a leading Israeli company in DevOps Service and Clouds. We provide best-in-class DevOps Service to our customers. We provide equal quality of service to all our customers, from small Startups to huge international giants.

DevOps and Development is our bread and butter and we are very focused on those positions, we hire only the best people across the globe and work with clients in Israel, the EU, and Asia.

Our headquarter is in Israel, Tel-Aviv.

What you'll do:

✔ Scaling & Growth  Ownership of all things AWS, ELK, databases, deployments, Kubernetes clusters, etc..

✔ Developer Support — Will be supporting Software engineers, so knowledge of software development is required

✔ Improvement of Process — Work closely with other engineers on identifying and addressing shortcomings in our infrastructure and in our deployment processes

✔ Monitoring and Alerting — Build out more intelligent alerting systems, seek out potential threats to security and reliability, advocate solutions to these problems

✔ Development — Grow and expand infrastructure products and software automation using Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

✔ Ability to work independently and in a team, take initiative, and communicate effectively

You will excel if you have

✔ 5+ years with DevOps practices

✔ Experience with AWS, GCP, or Azure

✔ Experience with IaC tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, or Pulumi)

✔ Proven experience with Kubernetes and Docker (EKS, GKE, kops, k3s)

✔ Experience with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Travis, etc...)

✔ Experience with Helm and Helm chart customization

✔ Experience implementing GitOps tools like ArgoCD/FluxCD and a strong understanding of modern Git flow

✔ Good knowledge of logging systems (ELK, EFK, Loki/Promtail)

✔ Good knowledge of modern monitoring solutions (Prometheus, Grafana, VictoriaMetrics, Thanos)

✔ Strong understanding of network fundamentals (TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, etc.)

✔ Solid understanding of Bash/Python

✔ Excellent Linux\UNIX skills and experience with running high-available applications

✔ Problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure

What's in it for you

✔ Very competitive compensation plan

✔ Opportunity for career advancement

✔ Ability to mold your career and make an immediate direct impact

✔ Working in a fast-paced, fun environment with an eclectic group of people from all over the world

✔ Plenty of paid vacations, holidays, and sick leaves

✔ Equipment

✔ Free training and DevOps certification

✔ Free English classes

✔ work remotely

✔ Interesting, challenging projects across a wide variety of companies

Required Skills

Google Cloud 2-3 years
Amazon Web Services 2-3 years
Git 0-1 year
CI/CD 0-1 year
Bash 0-1 year
Python 0-1 year
Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

About the assignment
Vilnius, Lithuania
Rate (after tax)
€7000 - 9000/Month
Full time position
Expire On
(3 weeks from now)

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