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Java 11 SE backend developer | Inkodus

Key skills required: Java


The platform backend is responsible for all business processes related to finance trading. From order issue, validation, routing, and execution, to option price calculations and auto reconciliation of daily orders. High performance, low latency, and fault tolerance is our daily job.

Code quality is provided by mindful code reviews. Fear of change is eliminated by writing tests. The backend has more than 70% average test coverage, critical blocks are about 90%. Regression tests for all defects are a must.

We evaluating a Scrum-like development process backed by Atlassian suite, Slack, TeamCity, and Sonar.

Our growing team now is 6 BE, 6 FE, 7 Mobile, 5 QA, and 3 BA. We aim for 15 BE developers in 2022.

  • Backed by one of the Top 10 North American banks that do not want to lose the chance and has very serious intentions;
  • The system is a competitor to one of the best in class world trading systems;
  • The team is multinational and distributed, including the customer’s side in US and Canada;
  • We have a well-established process, tooling, and a pipeline to code, review, build, deploy and monitor our systems;
  • We have a great roles separation: analytics, QA, PerfQA, … but the developer should be ready to power up a business domain knowledge.
  • Technical challenges are:
  • Incorporating into a current TDW ecosystem, a lot of integration and APIs should be created;
  • We would strive for low latency in the backend itself and also backenders should provide fast APIs for the frontend, as frontend low latency is also the key;
  • Phase 1: 250 transactions per second, 4000 concurrent users. Phase 2: 1000+ TPS, 5000+ CU;
  • Full consistency is also a challenge for such high-performance systems, as we deal with client’s money;
  • Following the planning user load means we have to deal with the scalability and transform to a more distributed system we have now, so the scalability with all the modern stack and tooling will be our job in the future.


  • 5+ years of experience with Java;
  • Java 11 SE (Collections, Streams, Threads, Concurrency);
  • Spring;
  • PostgreSQL, Liquibase;
  • Docker;
  • Prometheus;
  • Zabbix;
  • ELK.


  • 6000-9000 eur/mon. gross

Required Skills

Java 5-6 years
Java 11 SE backend developer | Inkodus

Java 11 SE backend developer | Inkodus

100% response rate

About the assignment
Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda etc, Литва
Rate (after tax)
€3600 - 5445/Month
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