Front-End Developer | Full-Stack Web Developer

Front-End Developer | Full-Stack Web Developer

Сотрудник среднего уровня (опыт работы 2-4 года)
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SASS | JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS3

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Личное заявление

I started programming about four years ago. After my initial try, I became captivated by the ability to create something from scratch and decided to diverge from my original career path in medicine.

Now, I have over two years of professional experience as a front-end developer, utilizing TypeScript, Vue.js, Nuxt, and Sass in the development of business management software at Cherry TEAM.

I am most skilled in JavaScript (TypeScript) and have more expertise in front-end development than in back-end. My back-end experience comes from building pet projects (in Express.js, using both NoSQL and SQL databases), which I love doing in my spare time.

Набор навыков

SASS 3-4 years HTML5 3-4 years CSS3 3-4 years
JavaScript 3-4 years
Vue.js 2-3 years TypeScript 2-3 years React.js 1-2 years Node.js 1-2 years Express.js 1-2 years Redux 1-2 years
Mongo DB 1-2 years SQLite 0-1 year

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