IT asstent

IT asstent

Специалист (опыт работы больше 10)
Karachi , Литва 1010 €/month Доступны сейчас

Ключевой опыт

IT Security | Data Storage & Backups | Hardware Assembling | Windows Install & Support | IT Service Management | Support of Systems | Technical Support | LAN/WAN | Firewalls | Network Protocols | Windows Servers | Security Architecture | Objective C

Сфера квалификации

Розничная торговля, Государственный сектор, Телекоммуникационные услуги


только Karachi
Ожидаемая ставка
Задание по проекту: 11 €/h,
Штатная должность: 1010 €/month
Текущее состояние
Доступны сейчас

Личное заявление

I am provide administrative support such as: answering and transferring calls, proofreading, data entry, and operating essential office machinery (printers, copiers, etc.). They also assist in solving customer problems in a professional manner. And net working home hardware and soft wear assent .window installation.

Набор навыков

IT Security 0-1 year IT Service Management 0-1 year Support of Systems 0-1 year Security Architecture 0-1 year
Data Storage & Backups 0-1 year Hardware Assembling 0-1 year Windows Install & Support 0-1 year Technical Support 0-1 year LAN/WAN 0-1 year Firewalls 0-1 year Network Protocols 0-1 year Windows Servers 0-1 year
Objective C 0-1 year

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