Senior Developer

Senior Developer

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Technologijų Startup, IT Įmonė, Bankas ir Finansai


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Pastovus darbas: 4000 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

After completing my Information Systems B.Sc. and Telecommunication Systems M.Sc., I entered the professional software development field. During my career, I worked in many different industries, such as telecommunications, vehicle fleet management, and security, healthcare provider services, FinTech, energy.

Most of my experience is concentrated in native Android app development. Additionally, I have solid experience in developing production-ready projects from scratch by using the Flutter framework. Another major part of my experience is in Java back-end development by using Spring and Spring Boot.

I constantly work on my development skills so that my code conforms to clean code principles and the delivered app satisfies business needs.

I'm interested in new Flutter development opportunities.

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Android virš 6 metų
Aplikacijų kūrimas virš 6 metų

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