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Frontend Developer

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Apie Mane

I am front-end developer currently working for Udentity, a start-up company specializing in building an education technology platform that connects students in Asia with overseas universities. As a programmer, I have a goal to become an expert in both front-end and backend development. Therefore, my ambition is to work for a company that pursues the same direction - full-stack web development.

Throughout the years of my studies, internships and work I have gained certain skills:

* ReactJS

* Javascript, HTML, CSS

* Angular 6

* Wechat MP

* NodeJS

* Android

* Golang

* MySQL, MongoDB

* Development platform, project management tool Github

* Linux (Ubuntu), Windows

In addition to my skills as a software developer and my master degree in Computer Science, I hold a bachelor degree in Applied Physics at Vilnius University. I was a part of a team in Laser Technology Center (LTC), a National Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences (semiconducting materials section) in Vilnius and a member of a Biophysics laboratory in VU University in Amsterdam.

I have written and oral skills in following languages: Lithuanian (native), English (fluent), Chinese (intermediate), German (beginner)

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Front End Development 2-3 metai
JavaScript 2-3 metai
Java iki metų
Android 1-2 metai
React.js 1-2 metai
Angular.js iki metų
Node.js iki metų
Mongo DB iki metų
MySQL iki metų
Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

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IT Įmonė, Technologijų Startup

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Pastovus darbas: 1650 €/Mėn.
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