Tech lead / Sr Full-stack engineer

Tech lead / Sr Full-stack engineer

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Kaunas, Lietuva 5500 €/Mėn. Laisvas(-a) šiuo metu

Didžiausia patirtis

Express.js | Redux | Linux Servers | HTML | Customer Facing | React.js | JavaScript | CSS3 | Angular | Docker | Rest API | Node.js | Linux

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Prekyba, Technologijų Startup, Bankas ir Finansai


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Darbas Projekte: 80 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 5500 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

Hello there!

I'm a software engineer and tech leader who's been building cool stuff on the web for over a decade now. I've pretty much done it all - from getting my hands dirty with code to managing teams and even co-founding a couple of startups.

I really enjoy working on products that make a difference, whether it's shipping features for big companies like Bloomberg and Google or moving fast and breaking things at early-stage startups. I geek out on modern web tech like React and Elm, but honestly, I'm always eager to pick up new skills and tools.

For me, the best part about being a developer is collaborating with smart people to solve interesting problems. I believe that the best work happens when everyone feels empowered to share ideas and take risks.

I would love to get to work with a team a bit more long term, and ideally take more responsibilities and use my experience from the past 10 years to bring efficiency and innovation in different teams and across the company.

If you're looking for someone who can bring technical chops and a "let's get it done" attitude to your team, I'm your guy.

Feel free to reach out - I'm always available to chat about new opportunities.

Thank you.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Express.js virš 6 metų Redux virš 6 metų React.js virš 6 metų Angular virš 6 metų Rest API virš 6 metų Node.js virš 6 metų TypeScript 3-4 metai
Linux Servers virš 6 metų
Customer Facing virš 6 metų Team Leading 3-4 metai
JavaScript virš 6 metų Haskell 1-2 metai
Docker virš 6 metų
Linux virš 6 metų
HTML virš 6 metų CSS3 virš 6 metų GraphQL 4-5 metai
Redis 4-5 metai PostgreSQL 3-4 metai
Figma 2-3 metai
Komandos Lyderis(-ė) 3-4 metai

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