QA, Manual testing, Automate testing, Testing

QA, Manual testing, Automate testing, Testing

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Technical Support | Windows Install & Support | Adobe Creative Suite | Adobe Photoshop

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In the IT world, I am long enough. I have acquired the qualification of a computer equipment tuner, I have worked as an IT specialist. I have finished JAVA programming courses. I am constantly interested in the latest information technologies and programs. I also have some experience with systems testing. I have had an internship at AB Lietuvos Paštas (Lithuanian post), during which I have worked with automatic test writing and manual testing. I strive to deepen my knowledge in this area.

I have experience testing MS Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 Technical Preview. After that, I was also testing Ubuntu Alpha and Beta versions.

Why I want to be a QA specialist? Because testing and security are the most important things in the modern IT world. Now we have a lot of smart devices that are connected to each another, it becomes a security challenge to secure connections and personal data. Those mistakes can cost the company millions of euro. That's why I think testing is very important in the modern IT world.

Testing is a very important part of system development. Errors can even cost human lives. The program error of an American manufacturer plane Boeing 737 max 8 caused a disaster as soon as the plane took off. Testing is designed to eradicate all possible errors and faults which could be done in the process of programming. A tester should reassure that errors will not appear in the current product.

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Office 365 1-2 metai
Technical Support virš 6 metų Windows Install & Support virš 6 metų VirtualBox 4-5 metai Virtualization 4-5 metai VMWare iki metų Linux Install & Support iki metų
Adobe Creative Suite virš 6 metų Adobe Photoshop virš 6 metų AutoCAD iki metų ArchiCAD iki metų
Selenium iki metų Security Testing iki metų JMeter iki metų Test Automation iki metų Manual Testing iki metų
Agile 1-2 metai Kanban iki metų
Jira iki metų
MySQL iki metų
Spring iki metų
WordPress iki metų
Helpdesk & IT Support virš 6 metų

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