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Business analyst / consultant

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: SQL
Open to Discuss Vilnius, Lithuania 100 €/month

Personal Statement

I am the business analyst with almost 10 years’ experience in IT. My main expertise’s are:

  • 6 years with business change management programs, where

o   3 years in the social security and labour office of Lithuania to transform document management system and to implement various online services;

o   2 years in transformation of core banking system;

o   1 year in transformation of Budget planning process in European agency.  

  • 1.5 year with Product development,
  • The rest of the time I was participating in ad-hoc consultation projects.  

Skill Stack

SQL 4-5 years
Business analyst / consultant

Business analyst / consultant

Sector Background
IT Company, Bank&Finance

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 1 €/h,
Full time position: 100 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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