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IT Software Engineer (.NET)

New opportunity for freelance .NET back-end developer in an Accounting Data Sourcing project.

About Danske Group IT 

It is a part of an organization, which delivers world-class digital financial solutions to customers. They have an understanding that the current change is Technology-driven, and we prioritize IT as a key component for success in our journey to drive digital disruption in the bank. Their teams work with complex tech challenges and develop Danske Bank’s global competitive edge on innovative digital solutions. Teams are driven by job content, share ownership of strategic services, own service strategy, and lead improvement. One more important feature – senior leadership is present on-site.


Consultant will be part of the team designing new interface to expose accounting data from multiple data sources to diverse group of users from multiple data sources to diverse group of consumers via API’s designed together with an Architect and the team. The new interface will act as a steppingstone to exit legacy on-premises system before users are moved to a new Accounting system developed using .NET on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud and SQL elements involving complex data integrations and calculations.

Consultant will join other .NET developers, BI Engineers, DevOps specialists, IT System analysts, and Business analysts – all working in cross-functional squads to deliver modern technology solutions across all financial domains.

Consultant will:

• Design and develop software that is trusted, testable, easily maintainable, and resilient.

• Work with .NET, MS SQL, Azure DevOps, JIRA, AWS, etc.

• Closely collaborate with business users and different teams inside the bank

• Improve the way we do things.

• Be agile and spread these ideas among the team.


• 5+ years of experience

• In-depth knowledge of different API types - REST, SOAP, XML, RPC, GraphQL and similar

• Experience with correct API versioning strategies

• Experience creating, organizing and managing huge API systems (50-100+ API endpoints per project)

• C# with .NET Framework or .NET Core

• MS SQL or similar relational database

• Experience with public cloud providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud is a requirement.

• Automated testing (Unit, Integration)

• RESTful architecture • GIT

• Ability to maintain and use DevOps pipelines, created by professionals

• Advanced English language skills

Additional great to have:

• Be familiar with message queueing or streaming systems (for ex. RabbitMQ, Kafka)

• Knowledge in using build and deployment pipelines for cloud services using TFS/Azure Devops, Docker, Kubernetes, or other technologies.

• Good understanding of development lifecycle process and agile practices

• Our current technology stack, which you will influence moving further is .NET C#, Azure DevOps, AWS, GIT, Containerization, SonarQube, MS SQL Server data platform.

Company offers:

• An inspiring environment in a large IT organization

• Work in an international team, which concentrates on innovative business-facing solutions

• An extensive training program to ensure that your skills are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis

from €3000/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania

JAVA Developer | Rivile

For over three decades, Rivile has been empowering businesses to reach their true potential by providing them with innovative business management and accounting systems. Rivile GAMA is trusted by almost every third Lithuanian company to handle their accounts and manage their entire business.

At Rivile, we are committed to upholding our core values of positivity, growth, professionalism, and responsibilityin all that we do. As we continue to expand and innovate, we are seeking talented individuals to join our team and help us drive the next phase of our growth.

If you are passionate about technology, share our values, and are looking for an exciting career opportunity, we encourage you to explore our open Java Developer Position and apply today. We offer competitive compensation, opportunities for professional development, and a supportive and inclusive work environment. Join us in shaping the future of the technology industry!

Team manifesto:

  • We value system stability and code quality over development speed;
  • Deadlines are the result of team discussion and are not determined by one person or by external clients;
  • We don't give our word easily, but if we do, we take full responsibility for the promises we give.

What you will be doing:

  • You will be the one of the key people responsible for designing and developing a secure, stable, and scalable system, which extends our main product Rivile GAMA as an internet-based application and develops an API backend; 
  • You will be focusing on product development from architecture to development, although you will get consultations from Senior Developers / Architects on some complicated tasks development; 
  • You will be part of a diverse, effective, and friendly team. You will work in a self-managed team together with other developers, product manager, and designer to create and develop a product that will be easy to use and rich in functionalities that help companies grow; 
  • You will ensure system stability by tests, and contribute to improve the system performance and security.

What is expected of you:

  • You consider yourself an experienced software developer;
  • You are fluent with one technology language, like Java (at least 4 years experience);
  • You have experience working with high-load web pages and custom-build API integrations;
  • You have experience developing on modern SaaS stack (Kubernetes, Microservices, Event-Based Systems, etc.);
  • You feel confident working with relational databases (preferably PostgreSQL);
  • You have a strong understanding of web services and web security;
  • You have a good understanding of software testing (manual/unit/integration);
  • You have IS designing and developing experience, to determine how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated, and managed.

Our stack:

Java (11+), Spring ecosystem (Core, Boot, Web, Data and Security, Spring Cloud), Hibernate/JPA, PostgreSQL RDBMS, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes.

We offer:

  • Fixed remuneration from 2200,00 EUR to 3000,00 EUR netto;
  • Variable remuneration -yearly bonuses related with product performance;
  • Flexible workplace Vilnius / Kaunas / from home; 
  • Pride – you will see your product in many companies' monitors, tablets, and phones;
  • Respect of individual opinion while working on team consensus; 
  • Lots of freedom and responsibility. 
€2200 - 3000/Month | Vilnius/Kaunas/Klaipėda etc, Lithuania

IT Sistemų Analitikas/-ė

Šiuo metu savo klientui, kompanijai Proit, ieškome dinamiško ir patyrusio IT sistemų analitiko/-ės, kuris/-i praturtintų komandą savo įgūdžiais bei prisidėtų prie patikimų ir efektyvių technologijų sprendimų plėtojimo.

Apie kompaniją:

UAB „Proit“ yra 2010 metais įkurta kompanija, siūlanti profesionalius IT sprendimus pagal kiekvieno kliento individualius poreikius. Kompanija yra sukaupusi kompetenciją kompleksinių ir kritinių infrastruktūros sistemų kūrimo srityje, dirba su didelės apimties projektais.

Informacinių technologijų pagalba Proit padeda įmonių vadovams spręsti įvairias verslo valdymo problemas ir efektyviai išnaudoti turimus įmonės resursus bei optimizuoti personalo darbą. Proit tiki ir gyvena tuo ką daro, o augantis sėkmingai realizuotų projektų skaičius skatina juos tik dar labiau tobulėti ir imtis vis didesnių iššūkių. Sėkmingai tai padaryti taip pat padeda bendrovėje įdiegta ir sertifikuota integruota kokybės, aplinkosaugos, IT paslaugų vadybos ir informacijos saugumo valdymo sistema, atitinkanti tarptautinių standartų ISO 9001:2015 “Kokybės vadybos sistemos. Reikalavimai”, ISO 14001:2015 „Aplinkos apsaugos vadybos sistemos. Reikalavimai ir naudojimo gairės“, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 „Informacinės technologijos. Paslaugų valdymas. 1 dalis. Paslaugų vadybos sistemos reikalavimai“ ir ISO/IEC 27001:2013 „Informacijos technologija. Saugumo metodai. Informacijos saugumo valdymo sistemos. Reikalavimai.“ reikalavimus. Įmonėje veikianti vadybos sistema yra įforminta dokumentais, įgyvendinta, prižiūrima, nuolat tobulinama bei nuolat gerinamas jos rezultatyvumas ir aplinkosauginis veiksmingumas. Proit gilinasi į savo klientų poreikius, laikosi prisiimtų įsipareigojimų, pateikia produktus, atitinkančius sutartus reikalavimus ir veikia pagal aukščiausius aptarnavimo ir kokybės reikalavimus. 

Pagrindinės atsakomybės ir užduotys:

  • Analizė, Projektavimas ir Optimizavimas: Atlikti iÅ¡samią analizę, projektuoti bei optimizuoti IT sistemas, atsižvelgiant į klientų poreikius ir užtikrinant aukÅ¡tos kokybės sprendimus.
  • Verslo Procesų Supratimas: Turėti gilų supratimą apie verslo procesus ir poreikius, siekiant efektyvaus bendradarbiavimo su klientais ir kitais komandos nariais.
  • Komunikacija: Efektyviai bendrauti su skirtingais komandos nariais, sugebančiais iÅ¡reikÅ¡ti IT terminus ir idėjas suprantama kalba.
  • Sprendimų Priėmimas ir Duomenų Analizė: Gebėti priimti sprendimus ir analizuoti duomenis, siekiant identifikuoti efektyvumo ir veiksmingumo gerinimo galimybes.
  • Projektų Valdymas: Kontroliuoti projektų vykdymą, užtikrinant laiku ir kokybiÅ¡kai atliktus darbus.


  • Patirtis analizuojant, projektuojant ir optimizuojant IT sistemas pagal klientų poreikius;
  • Geras supratimas apie verslo procesus ir poreikius;
  • Gebėjimas efektyviai bendrauti su skirtingais komandos nariais;
  • Gebėjimas priimti sprendimus ir analizuoti duomenis;
  • Sugebėjimas dirbti efektyviai ir koordinuoti projektų vykdymą.

Kompanija siūlo:

  • Kvalifikaciją atitinkantį atlyginimą, atspindintį JÅ«sų patirtį ir įgÅ«džius;
  • Galimybę dirbti nuotoliniu bÅ«du, suteikiant maksimalų darbo lankstumą;
  • Profesionalią darbo aplinką ir bendradarbiavimą su aukÅ¡tos kvalifikacijos specialistais.
from €2500/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania
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Available IT Specialists

React / NodeJS Javascript developer

Since 2018, I've immersed myself in the world of professional JavaScript development, navigating through a variety of projects and assuming diverse roles. I've journeyed from being an intern to leading teams comprising web, mobile, backend developers, and QAs, with team sizes ranging up to 20 individuals. My professional experience spans from thriving in small, startup-like remote teams with weekly meet-ups to seamlessly integrating into large agile teams, where daily meetings and a full set of scrum ceremonies are the norm.

While my primary focus remains on frontend development, where React and Javascript + Typescript are my sharpest tools, I've diversified my skill set over the years. I've delved into mobile development using React Native, backend development with NodeJS, and tinkered with various infrastructure enhancements using different AWS services.

My most recent endeavors showcase my proficiency in building CMS-heavy systems, collaborating within a team to deliver performant, aesthetically pleasing and maintainable solutions for our clients.

I bring expertise in crafting:

  • High-performance frontend applications meticulously designed for seamless data entry and display, ensuring an optimal user experience.
  • Custom wrappers around UI libraries, finely tuned to meet specific use-case requirements, fostering reusability and a visually appealing interface.
  • Robust systems adept at integrating with multiple third-party services, ensuring continuous data synchronization, and proficiently publishing substantial volumes of user-uploaded data to consumers for in-depth analysis.
  • End-to-End (E2E) smoke test suites, ensuring the comprehensive validation of system functionalities, contributing to a robust and reliable application ecosystem.

5000 €/month

Software | Game Developer, Freelancer

With a decade of experience in the games and web technologies industries, I have tackled challenges of various scopes, technologies, and complexities. This broad perspective enables me to approach development challenges with a unique and holistic viewpoint, focusing on core issues beyond the constraints of specific technologies. 

This journey has given me with a broad set of skills and experiences, and now I am seeking new challenges - preferably in game/web/systems development fields. 

5000 €/month | Vilnius, Lithuania

Senior Frontend Engineer | React.js | Node.js | Typescript | Javascript

I am a senior frontend developer with almost 10 years of experience crafting web and mobile applications, deeply passionate about the JavaScript ecosystem.

Currently, my favourite tools for the job are React.js and Node.js. I also enjoy incorporating Typescript when project size demands it.

While I excel in frontend web development, I enjoy editing backend Node.js code too!

Outside of creating React.js apps professionally, I work on side projects or occasionally teach a class on software engineering basics.

8000 €/month
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