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Senior Software Engineer / Architect / Tech Lead (JAVA in SAAS product)

from €4000/Month | Vilnius, Kaunas, or Remote, Lithuania
Posted: 2 days ago

Site Reliability Engineer

€1500 - 2420/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 5 days ago

Site Reliability Engineer

€1500 - 2420/Month | kaunas, Lithuania
Posted: 5 days ago

Regular/Senior Java Developer | Remmers

€1500 - 3000/Month | Vilnius/Kaunas/Klaipėda etc, Lithuania
Posted: 1 week ago

GoLang Developer | Oddschecker ( not necessary experience with GoLang )

€1800 - 2500/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 2 weeks ago

React Native developer.

€2300 - 3000/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Senior React Developer

€2500 - 3000/Month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 1 month ago

Available specialists


800 €/month | Kaunas, Lithuania
Posted: 1 day ago

Project manager

5000 €/month
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Junior Full-Stack Developer

1000 €/month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Junior analyst / Junior power BI analyst

1500 €/month | Kaunas, Lithuania
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Technical Lead, Freelance Sof tware Engineering Consultant

8000 €/month
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Junior ReactJS

800 €/month
Posted: 1 month ago

Junior Frontend Developer

800 €/month | Vilnius, Lithuania
Posted: 1 month ago

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Adam, works for Philips as Java/SOA Integration Developer (in project for 2 years)

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