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IOS Objective C Expert | Contract

We are a part of an organization, which delivers world-class digital financial solutions to customers. We have an understanding that the current change is Technology-driven, and we prioritize IT as a key component for success in our journey to drive digital disruption in the bank. Our teams work with complex tech challenges and develop Danske Bank’s global competitive edge on innovative digital solutions. Teams are driven by job content, share ownership of strategic services, own service strategy, and lead improvement. One more important feature – senior leadership is present on site.


  • Analyze and address iOS 17-related issues: Diagnose and resolve challenges affecting the user interface of our legacy apps developed in Objective-C;
  • Implement UI fixes efficiently: Execute swift solutions to rectify breaking changes, ensuring a seamless user experience;
  • Collaborate with development team: Work closely with our in-house developers to integrate fixes and maintain code quality;
  • Provide timely updates: Communicate progress and issues promptly, ensuring transparency in the resolution process;
  • Ensure app stability: Implement measures to enhance the overall stability and performance of the iOS legacy apps;
  • Adapt to existing codebase: Navigate and understand the intricacies of the 2011 Objective-C codebase for effective troubleshooting;
  • Conduct thorough testing: Rigorously test implemented solutions to guarantee compatibility with various iOS devices and configurations;
  • Documentation of changes: Maintain clear and comprehensive documentation for all modifications made during the contract period;
  • Collaborate on future-proofing strategies: Offer insights into potential future challenges and contribute to discussions on long-term maintenance strategies;
  • Adhere to project timelines: Complete assigned tasks within agreed-upon timeframes, supporting the overall project schedule.


  • Proven Expertise in Objective-C: A minimum of 5+ years of hands-on experience in Objective-C iOS development, with a strong foundation dating back to 2011;
  • In-depth knowledge of iOS 17: Comprehensive understanding of the latest iOS 17 release, including its features, updates, and potential impacts on legacy Objective-C code;
  • Track Record of Legacy App Maintenance: Demonstrated success in IT Consultancy Request maintaining and updating legacy iOS applications, showcasing adaptability to older codebases;
  • UI Troubleshooting Skills: Proficient in identifying and resolving UI issues caused by updates, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing user experience;
  • Effective Collaboration: Ability to work collaboratively with an existing development team, fostering a positive and productive work environment;
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough understanding of testing methodologies to ensure the robustness and reliability of implemented solutions;
  • Documentation Skills: Strong documentation practices to record changes, updates, and solutions implemented during the contract period;
  • Problem-Solving Aptitude: Proactive problem-solving skills with a focus on addressing challenges efficiently and effectively;
  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills, providing clear and concise updates on progress, challenges, and resolutions;
  • Adaptability and Future-Proofing: Capacity to adapt to evolving technologies and contribute insights into future-proofing strategies for the continued maintenance of legacy iOS applications.

Years of experience 8+ in Objective C iOS development

We Offer:

  • An inspiring environment in a large IT organization;
  • Work in an international team, which concentrates on innovative business-facing solutions;
  • An extensive training program to ensure that your skills are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis.
€6720 - 8060/mēnesī | Vilnius, Lietuva

Core Banking Solutions

Intellect Design Arena Ltd. is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. It offers core banking solutions and has a unique distinction of being a comprehensive banking IT solutions provider for major top-tier banks worldwide. Intellect Design Arena's solutions are designed to modernize your bank's operations, promoting efficiency, scalability, and stability across the breadth and depth of your banking operations.

€800 - 1200/mēnesī | Chennai, Vācija

Ieškom React profesionalo!!!

Sveiki, yra aplikacija „Web Serial Plotter“, kuri yra atviro kodo ir reikia ją perdaryti pagal mūsų poreikius.

Esamos aplikacijos trūkumai:

-Visų matavimų grafikai yra vienos spalvos ir yra nubrėžiama linija nuo paskutinio ankstesniojo matavimo taško į naujo matavimo pirmąjį tašką.

- Kiekvieną kartą pasileidus aplikaciją reikia nusistatyti grafikų braižymo parametrus

- Faile yra išsaugomi tik duomenys, bet neišsaugomas headeris ir footeris


- Skirtingų ekspermentų duomenis paišyti skirtingomis spalvomis, dabar aplikacija turi funkciją +TRACE kurios pagalba galima pridėti naują liniją grafike. Ši funkcija turi būti iškviečiama kiekvieną kartą automatiškai, kai per serial portą ateina eilutė #MEASUREMENT BEGIN . Įeinančių duomenų sąryšis su ankstesniu grafiku turi būti nutrauktas. T.y. nauji duomenys turi eiti į naują trace. Spalvų keitimu pasirūpins po apačia viekianti grafikų braižymo biblioteka.

- Aplikacija turi pasikrauti su iš karto sukonfigūruotais tinkamais grafiko parametrais

- Failai turi būti saugomi su iš potenciostato ateinančiu headeriu/footeriu

- Grafikas turi išnaudoti visą prieinamą ekrano plotą. Dabar galima interaktyviai keisti Plot komponento dydį ir jame esančio grafiko komponento dydį ir paspausti Autoscale, bet reikėtų, kad grafikas iš karto atsidarius puslapį efektyviai išnaudotų prieinamą ekrano plotą.

- Reikalavimai rezultatų pateikimui. Rezultatai turi būti pateikti kaip atviros prieigos repozitorija su automatiškai generuojamu vartotojo puslapiu

plotter . Dabar projekto repozitorija turi visas priemones tokiai automatizacijai vykdyti – puslapis sukompiliuojamas ir įdiegiamas automatiškai, riekia šio funkcionalumo neprarasti.


Web Serial Plotter

Vartotojo adresas:

Kodo repozitorija:


Ar galėtumėte padėti šiuo klausimu? Ačiū

€100 - 500/mēnesī | Vilnius, Lietuva

Pieejamie speciālisti

Front End Developer

I'm Hasnain, presently residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I recently discovered a Front-End Developer position listed on your website.

With a seven-year tenure as a Front-End Developer in Dubai, I've refined my proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with diverse frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap, and Sass. Moreover, I possess a robust grasp of JavaScript frameworks such as React and PHP.

1000 €/mēnesī | Dubai, AK

JavaScript/SAPUI5 Developer

I am a skilled and motivated professional with a strong expertise in web development and a focus on front-end technologies. My proficiency includes extensive experience in JavaScript, mainly with the SAPUI5 framework.

My proficiency extends to an understanding of unit, integration, and end-to-end testing. This commitment to quality is reflected in my ability to create robust and bug-free applications.

3500 €/mēnesī

Quality Assurance Tester

I use manual software testing techniques and tools, test automation using Cypress, Jira, HTML, CSS, java basics, javaScript, API, react, Agile methodology, database analysis and corections.

1500 €/mēnesī
Specialist working on laptop

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