Business Intelligence Project Manager

Business Intelligence Project Manager

Regular (2-4 years exp.)
33% response rate
Kaunas, Lithuania 1500 €/month Available Now

Key experience

Support of Systems | Business Analysis

Sector Background

Bank&Finance, IT Company, Production, Retail


Lithuania only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 10 €/h,
Full time position: 1500 €/month
Current status
Available Now

Personal Statement

Master of Business Information technology, more than 7 years experience in IT sector, mainly in business intelligence,
analysis of business processes and databases. Now working as project manager at finance department, managing
business intelligence team. Always ready for moving forward and improvement.

Skill Stack

Scrum 2-3 years Agile 2-3 years Spiral 2-3 years Kanban 2-3 years Sprint 1-2 years
C# 2-3 years .Net 1-2 years
Support of Systems 5-6 years Business Analysis 5-6 years Data Analysis 4-5 years Requirements Gathering 4-5 years Data Modeling 4-5 years Data Management 4-5 years Data Migration 3-4 years Requirement Specification 3-4 years Team Leading 2-3 years Infrastructure Architecture 2-3 years Applications Integration 2-3 years System Development 2-3 years IT Security 1-2 years
Visual C++ 1-2 years Borland C++ 1-2 years Objective C 1-2 years
Visual Studio 2-3 years Qlikview 2-3 years Jira 1-2 years NetBeans 1-2 years UML 1-2 years Confluence 1-2 years
SQL 4-5 years C# 2-3 years Haskell 2-3 years C++ 1-2 years C 1-2 years PHP 0-1 year
SEO Marketing 1-2 years Sales of Retail IT Products 1-2 years
Manual Testing 2-3 years JUnit 0-1 year Test Automation 0-1 year Unit Testing 0-1 year
Adobe Photoshop 0-1 year Sketch 0-1 year
SAP BI 1-2 years SAP HANA 0-1 year SAP BW 0-1 year
MATLAB 0-1 year

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