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Front End Web Developer

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: IntelliJ IDEA
Working 1500 €/month

Personal Statement

I study Software Engineering at Vilnius university, and I am currently employed as a Web Developer at Tieto. My experience includes full-stack development with Grails/ExtJS and front-end development with AngularJS working on internal projects. In company we work according to Agile (Scrum), and my other experience involves supporting big applications i. e. solving technical support tickets. Also I am interested in React.js, Node.js, even though I have no prior work experience with them.

Skill Stack

IntelliJ IDEA 3-4 years
Git 1-2 years
Jira 0-1 year
Eclipse 0-1 year
Grunt 0-1 year
Scrum 0-1 year
Agile 0-1 year
CI (Continuous Integration) 0-1 year
CSS3 0-1 year
JSon 0-1 year
HTML5 0-1 year
SASS 0-1 year
HTML 0-1 year
Java 0-1 year
JavaScript 0-1 year
Groovy 0-1 year
Angular.js 0-1 year
Ext JS 0-1 year
Front End Web Developer

Front End Web Developer

Sector Background
IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 10 €/h,
Full time position: 1500 €/month
Current status
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