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Information security specialist, Software Architect, IT 2-nd line support, Application support

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: LAN/WAN | Virtualization | Network Security | Hardware Assembling | Active Directory | Windows Servers | Technical Documentation | Windows | System Tunning | Data Storage & Backups | Firewalls | Windows Install & Support | LDAP
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 3000 €/month

Personal Statement

For this section to be more specific, I will include only the milestones of my career as an IT specialist.

Since my early days as a high school student I was interested in new technologies and what can be achieved while using computing power which has grown according to Moore's law at that time. Since then computer science has grown into different fields and I am particularly interested in Information security, Hardware maintenance and implementation of both virtual and physical solutions for businesses and different projects. Following this purpose I finished my bachelor degree in Information Systems engineering in Vilnius Gediminas technical university and took my knowledge for a spin in All - In - One environment for an IT guy at Vilnius county administrative court. This included Managing servers, network infrastructure, supporting various applications used in court's day - to day activities, some scripting in Java, HTML to make some home- brew apps, implementing virtualization solutions, managing mail server, supporting video and audio conference equipment. Later on I switched to International enterprise - Western Union as a LAN administrator. This is a great experience in working in a team (I belong to a few different virtual teams E.X. software deployment team, Tutoring team) We, as a team, support all kind of different software solutions used in WU, Video/audio conferencing solutions, Virtual environments (VMWARE, Hyper-V), Software deployment cycles and process. Now in current positions I follow ITIL practices at it's most. Main tasks are assigned using ticketing system. Right now I am a great team player, fast learner and a tech lover. I really love what I do and want to make a positive impact on other's people lives.

It is hard to put my experiences into a few lines. In fact, there is a lot to be mentioned and a lot to be learned.

Skill Stack

LAN/WAN 5-6 years
Virtualization 5-6 years
Network Security 5-6 years
Hardware Assembling 5-6 years
Active Directory 5-6 years
Windows Servers 5-6 years
System Tunning 5-6 years
Data Storage & Backups 5-6 years
Firewalls 5-6 years
Windows Install & Support 5-6 years
LDAP 5-6 years
Routers 2-3 years
Cisco 2-3 years
VirtualBox 1-2 years
VMWare 1-2 years
Linux Install & Support 1-2 years
HyperV 1-2 years
Network Protocols 1-2 years
Linux Servers 1-2 years
Technical Documentation 5-6 years
Windows 5-6 years
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) 1-2 years
Documentation 1-2 years
Citrix 1-2 years
OAuth 1-2 years
Mac OS X 0-1 year
MATLAB 0-1 year
SEO Marketing 2-3 years
Digital Communication 2-3 years
Marketing & Management 1-2 years
Direct Marketing 1-2 years
Large Volume Negotiations 0-1 year
SQL 1-2 years
MSSQL 1-2 years
MySQL 1-2 years
Sybase 0-1 year
Oracle PL/SQL 0-1 year
DB2 0-1 year
Oracle DB 0-1 year
PostgreSQL 0-1 year
Sketch 1-2 years
Adobe Photoshop 1-2 years
Adobe Creative Suite 1-2 years
Adobe Illustrator 1-2 years
Linux/Unix Admin 1-2 years
Red Hat 1-2 years
Linux 1-2 years
Debian 1-2 years
SQL 2-3 years
C 1-2 years
Java 1-2 years
JavaScript 1-2 years
C++ 1-2 years
VBScript (Visual Basic Script) 0-1 year
Perl 0-1 year
Ruby 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
PHP 0-1 year
Ruby on Rails 0-1 year
Python 0-1 year
Open Cart 1-2 years
WordPress 1-2 years
PrestaShop 0-1 year
Joomla 0-1 year
Magento 0-1 year
Flash 1-2 years
HTML 1-2 years
HTML5 0-1 year
Bootstrap 0-1 year
XML 0-1 year
CSS3 0-1 year
Visual C++ 1-2 years
Borland C++ 1-2 years
MFC C++ 0-1 year
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Rusų Независимый Пользователь (B1/B2)
Polish Zwykły Użytkownik (A1/A2)
HighTech-tools Supply + + +
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Culture of Experiments + + +
Exceptional Training + +
Inspirational Leadership + +
High-End Office + +
Overwhelming Team + +
Career Gateway +
Relocation & Travel +
Production 5-6 years
IT Company 5-6 years
Public Sector 5-6 years
Telecommunication 5-6 years
eCommerce 2-3 years
Advertising 2-3 years
Retail 2-3 years
Bank & Finance 1-2 years
Really Good Person :) 5-6 years
Supporter 5-6 years
Technician 5-6 years
Tester 5-6 years
Helpdesk & IT Support 5-6 years
Network Technician 3-4 years
Engineer 3-4 years
Product Owner 1-2 years
Developer 1-2 years
Project Manager 1-2 years
Architect 1-2 years
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
High School degree Graduated
Information security specialist, Software Architect, IT 2-nd line support, Application support

Information security specialist, Software Architect, IT 2-nd line support, Application support

Sector Background
Public Sector, Bank&Finance, IT Company, Production, E-Commerce, Retail

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 45 €/h,
Full time position: 3000 €/month
Current status
(Updated: 5 years ago)

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