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IT Programme Manager / Senior Project manager

Expert (+10 years experience)
Key experience: Waterfall
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 5000 €/month

Personal Statement

More than 13 years in IT industry has made me an experienced professional in my field. I have worked as a Programme/Project Manager for a number of companies, providing strategic solutions for technology, sales and marketing projects. I have worked in the area of Business Intelligence & Business Processes for several years (partnering initiatives and university-business projects); therefore I am familiar with analysing and designing business processes and change management. I have been working on projects of various scope and time frame, most of which involved collaboration and negotiation with third parties. I am also used to working in a multinational environment as I have experience in managing multinational teams of 30-50 people both home and abroad.

As a person I am very pro-active and strongly motivated employee - I dedicate myself entirely to the project I am working with. I have experience of working within a limited temporal and financial frame. I am flexible and I can easily adapt to the new environment and specific requirements. Communication and negotiation skills are my major strengths in projects involving external business partners. I am ambitious and looking forward to use my knowledge in continuing good cooperation with clients while managing project to success.

Skill Stack

Waterfall 5-6 years
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 3-4 years
Scrum 2-3 years
Agile 2-3 years
RUP 2-3 years
Sprint 2-3 years
Lean 2-3 years
MySQL 1-2 years
SQL 1-2 years
Test Automation 1-2 years
Sales of Cloud Services 1-2 years
UML 3-4 years
Visual Studio 3-4 years
Jira 0-1 year
IT Company 5-6 years
Public Sector 3-4 years
App Development 3-4 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Rusų Опытный Пользователь (C1/C2)
Polish Zwykły Użytkownik (A1/A2)
Relocation & Travel + + +
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Overwhelming Team + + +
Inspirational Leadership + + +
Career Gateway + +
Exceptional Training + +
HighTech-tools Supply + +
Culture of Experiments + +
High-End Office +
High School degree Graduated
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
Masters degree in IT Graduated
Doctors degree in IT Graduated
Project Manager 5-6 years
Team Lead 5-6 years
Really Good Person :) 5-6 years
Scrum Master 2-3 years
IT Analyst 1-2 years
IT Programme Manager / Senior Project manager

IT Programme Manager / Senior Project manager

Sector Background
IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 50 €/h,
Full time position: 5000 €/month
Current status
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