Head of IT, IT Project Manager, Scrum Master

Head of IT, IT Project Manager, Scrum Master

Expert (+10 years exp.)
Vilnius, Lithuania 3000 €/month Working

Key experience

MySQL | HTML5 | SOAP | Waterfall | Delphi | UML | HTML

Sector Background

Bank&Finance, Telecommunication, IT Company, Production, E-Commerce, Retail


Vilnius only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 100 €/h,
Full time position: 3000 €/month
Current status

Personal Statement

18 years working in the IT field of which 15 years in various leading positions. High experience in project management, both traditional project management methods and under AGILE. Experience in Scrum master and product owner roles.

I have excellent analytical skills and UML Professional Advanced Certificate, confirming my qualification, knowledge of the BPMN notation, also have programming knowledge and practice.

I am an expert in my field. Dutiful, diligent, communicative, not afraid of work, always seeking excellence, high performance and expertise in my field.

I can work as an analyst, architect, technical or direct project manager. I am open-minded to innovations and do not lack motivation to work.

Skill Stack

MySQL +6 years MSSQL 4-5 years Sybase 4-5 years Oracle DB 2-3 years PostgreSQL 0-1 year Paradox 0-1 year
Testing 5-6 years Test Planning 5-6 years
Waterfall +6 years Scrum 3-4 years Agile 3-4 years Sprint 3-4 years Lean 1-2 years BPEL 1-2 years
Delphi +6 years SQL 5-6 years PHP 2-3 years
Joomla 2-3 years WordPress 0-1 year
HTML5 +6 years SOAP +6 years HTML +6 years CSS3 5-6 years XML 5-6 years Ajax 0-1 year Bootstrap 0-1 year JSon 0-1 year XSLT 0-1 year Liferay 0-1 year
UML +6 years TFS 1-2 years Confluence 1-2 years Jira 0-1 year Eclipse 0-1 year
IT Company +6 years Bank & Finance 5-6 years Telecommunication 2-3 years eCommerce 2-3 years Production 1-2 years Insurance 0-1 year
Project Manager +6 years Team Lead +6 years Business Analyst +6 years Project Coordinator +6 years Integration architect +6 years IT Analyst 5-6 years Developer 4-5 years Database Administrator (DBA) 4-5 years Scrum Master 3-4 years Business Developer 3-4 years Product Owner 3-4 years Engineer 1-2 years Technician 1-2 years IT Sales Manager 1-2 years Data Analyst 1-2 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji Rusų Опытный Пользователь (C1/C2) English Independent User (B1/B2) German Einfacher Benutzer (A1/A2)
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