Product Manager, Product Director, Product Porfolio Manager

Product Manager, Product Director, Product Porfolio Manager

Expert (+10 years exp.)
Vilnius, Lithuania 3200 €/month Open to Discuss

Key experience

Data Storage & Backups | Virtualization | Windows Servers | Infrastructure Architecture | Solution Architecture | Waterfall | VMWare | Conceptual design | IT Solution Development | Infrastructure

Sector Background

IT Company


Vilnius only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 40 €/h,
Full time position: 3200 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss

Personal Statement

All my IT career I am working on solving complex problems and designing solutions that create value to the business and its users. Due to accumulated knowledge in design, development and my sharp skills in planning, prioritization, and communication, I have reached account CTO position in my previous work.

In my new passion, product management area, I was able to become a product manager for my current companies strategic application platform. Moreover, due to the above mentioned knowledge, skills and ability to handle steep learning curve, I took over product manger's position for two more products related to the primary one.

And here I am, eager applying my knowledge and skills to create solutions and products that would bring maximum value to the business and its users…

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Skill Stack

Data Storage & Backups 5-6 years Virtualization 5-6 years Windows Servers 5-6 years VMWare 5-6 years Windows Install & Support 4-5 years Storage Area Networks (SAN) 4-5 years LAN/WAN 2-3 years Load Balancing 1-2 years Active Directory 1-2 years Network Security 1-2 years Firewalls 1-2 years Linux Servers 1-2 years LDAP 1-2 years HyperV 1-2 years Routers 1-2 years Core Network 1-2 years Technical Support 1-2 years Network Protocols 0-1 year
Waterfall 5-6 years Scrum 3-4 years Agile 2-3 years ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 0-1 year
Jira 3-4 years
Conceptual design 5-6 years UX Design 1-2 years Sketch 1-2 years UI Design 1-2 years Balsamiq 1-2 years Wireframing 1-2 years Web Design 1-2 years UI/UX 1-2 years Axure 0-1 year
Infrastructure Architecture 5-6 years Solution Architecture 5-6 years IT Solution Development 5-6 years Infrastructure 5-6 years Requirements Gathering 4-5 years Customer Facing 4-5 years Stakeholders Management 4-5 years Systems Integration 4-5 years Team Leading 3-4 years Enterprise Architecture 3-4 years Release & Budget Planning 2-3 years System Architecture 2-3 years Risk Analysis 2-3 years Life Cycle Manager 2-3 years Software Development 2-3 years Data Migration 1-2 years DevOps 1-2 years IT Service Management 1-2 years Application Architecture 1-2 years Network Architecture 1-2 years Software Architecture 1-2 years Front End Development 1-2 years HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) 1-2 years Project Portfolio Management 1-2 years Support of Systems 0-1 year
Data analysis
Google Analytics 0-1 year
HTML 2-3 years CSS3 1-2 years Bootstrap 0-1 year XML 0-1 year
Mobile UI 0-1 year
IT Architect 5-6 years Team Lead 4-5 years Product Owner 2-3 years Project Manager 1-2 years Designer 1-2 years
Mind-blowing Projects + + Relocation & Travel +
Masters degree in IT Graduated High School degree Graduated Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
Lithuanian Gimtoji English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2) Rusų Независимый Пользователь (B1/B2) German Unabhängiger Benutzer (B1/B2) Polish Zwykły Użytkownik (A1/A2)
IT Company 5-6 years Public Sector 0-1 year

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