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Qality Asurance Specialist

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: Java | C++ | SQL | SQL | R
Available Now Vinius, Lithuania 1000 €/month

Personal Statement

As part of my current role, I am required to maintain the Oracle E-Business Suite, which involves ordering system changes, communicating with suppliers in coordinating system specifics, testing changes, and consulting end users. I am also responsible for maintaining documentation for the integration of administration systems with the Oracle E-Business Suite. I am familiar with functional specification documentation (MD50 and MD70).

Furthermore, I successfully completed computer programming courses at Vilnius University, where I was trained in Pascal, C++, and Java. During this time, I also became familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL).

Through my experiences, I have come to realise a natural aptitude for quality assurance. I prefer things to be correct. I naturally seek to resolve issues, and help others resolve theirs.

Skill Stack

Java 0-1 year
C++ 0-1 year
SQL 0-1 year
R 0-1 year
SQL 0-1 year
Tester 4-5 years
Data Analyst 3-4 years
Coordinator 3-4 years
Accountant 1-2 years
Relocation & Travel + + +
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Overwhelming Team + +
High School degree Graduated
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Independent User (B1/B2)
Rusų Обычный Пользователь (A1/A2)
Qality Asurance Specialist

Qality Asurance Specialist

Sector Background
Insurance, Bank&Finance, Retail, Public Sector

Vinius only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 10 €/h,
Full time position: 1000 €/month
Current status
Available Now
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