Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

Expert (+10 years exp.)
Kaunas, Lithuania 5000 €/month Available Now

Key experience

Mongo DB | HTML | React.js | JavaScript | CSS3 | TypeScript | Node.js | .Net | MSSQL

Sector Background

Bank&Finance, IT Company, Technology Startup


Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 50 €/h,
Full time position: 5000 €/month
Current status
Available Now

Personal Statement

Desirable stack for me currently: ReactJS, NodeJS, Typescript.

Most of the career I was working as a fullstack engineer, but the futher I go the more I like frontend.

Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, C# (.Net), VB.Net, PHP, FlowType

Javascript technologies: React, Redux, Preact, NodeJs, JQuery, KnockoutJs, AngularJs1x, DurandalJs, Bootstrap, RequireJs, Webpack, Lodash, Grunt, Gulp, ExpressJs,, Electron, Eslint

Technologies: MVC, WebApi, ASP.NET, Web Services, WCF, Entity Framework, NHibernate, SQL Reporting Services, Windows Forms

Databases: MongoDb, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Automated tests: NUnit, VS testing framework, QUnit, Jasmine, Selenium, WebdriverIO, Mocha, Chai

Teamwork experience: Task management (Jira, Trello, TFS) Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN, TFS)

Continuous integration: (Jenkins, CCNET, Concourse)

Skill Stack

Mongo DB +6 years MSSQL +6 years
HTML +6 years CSS3 +6 years
React.js +6 years TypeScript +6 years Node.js +6 years
JavaScript +6 years
.Net +6 years

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