Senior Typescript Fullstack Developer

Senior Typescript Fullstack Developer

Senior (+5 years exp.)
9500 €/month Available Now

Key experience

HTML5 | CSS3 | Ajax | Agile | Scrum | Bash | Visual Studio | Application Architecture | OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) | Software Development | Front End Development | SSL | Web Design | Kanban | Web Development/programming | Back-end development | HTTP | SaaS (Software as a Service) | Requirements Gathering | Stakeholders Management | Solution Architecture | Linux | Ubuntu | Git | JavaScript | JQuery | PHP

Sector Background

E-Commerce, IT Company, Advertising, Retail, Technology Startup


Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 55 €/h,
Full time position: 9500 €/month
Current status
Available Now

Personal Statement

I work as a React fullstack developer / consultant / contractor / freelancer and help businesses build clean, maintainable and scalable web apps.

My programming language of choice is Typescript / Javascript, using mainly React on the frontend and Next.js on the backend, but I pride myself on adapting quickly to any stack. I also have extensive PHP and WordPress development experience and I specialize in integrating external APIs and services into existing applications.

I am an avid learner, always looking for the next problem to solve!

I have extensive remote team management experience (3+ years), working across timezones when needed. I've also worked on multiple stacks, both on established codebases and on solutions that I have created from scratch.

I am passionate about finding the best solution for each problem and about distilling seemingly complicated problems into low-complexity, simple and elegant solutions. I also have extensive experience in optimizing web applications, having improved loading speeds by as much as 10s per page.

Additionally, I was deeply involved in the UI/UX process on every project that I have worked on until now, collaborating closely with designers to build beautiful, responsive and accessible interfaces while maintaining high standards across the codebase.

Skill Stack

HTML5 +6 years CSS3 +6 years Ajax +6 years Bootstrap 3-4 years GraphQL 1-2 years SASS 1-2 years
Agile +6 years Scrum +6 years OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) +6 years Kanban +6 years TDD (Test-Driven Development) 4-5 years CI (Continuous Integration) 1-2 years
Bash +6 years JavaScript +6 years PHP +6 years
Visual Studio +6 years Git +6 years
Application Architecture +6 years Software Development +6 years Front End Development +6 years Web Development/programming +6 years Back-end development +6 years SaaS (Software as a Service) +6 years Requirements Gathering +6 years Stakeholders Management +6 years Solution Architecture +6 years Team Leading 3-4 years Single Page Application (SPA) 2-3 years
Linux +6 years Ubuntu +6 years
SEO Marketing 5-6 years
WordPress 4-5 years
JQuery +6 years React.js 4-5 years Express.js 3-4 years Node.js 3-4 years React Native 1-2 years Firebase 1-2 years Redux 1-2 years TypeScript 1-2 years
Google Tag Manager 3-4 years
MySQL 4-5 years SQL 4-5 years NoSQL 2-3 years Google Cloud 1-2 years
Web Design +6 years Adobe Photoshop 2-3 years Figma 2-3 years UI/UX 2-3 years
Unit Testing 2-3 years
SSL +6 years HTTP +6 years OAuth 2-3 years CI/CD 1-2 years

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