Software Engeneer

Software Engeneer

Senior (+5 years exp.)
Kaunas, Lithuania 300 €/month Working

Key experience

Linux C++ | C#

Sector Background

Telecommunication, IT Company, Production, Technology Startup


European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 3 €/h,
Full time position: 300 €/month
Current status

Personal Statement

5+ years experience Software developer. Most of my experience are with C++ and C# developing solutions to control and/or to communicate with various hardware.
Also familiar with Python, SQL, SVN, SCRUM methodology.

I am versatile software developer with good analytic skills. I had used many tools and many languages in previous projects. Previously, I was involved in projects to create software to control hardware. With 5+ years experience and good analytic skills I can understand how system works quite quickly.

Currently working on projects with C++ on supporting, improving legacy code and developing new functionality to existing system. (CCTV/ live video streaming/ TCP/UDP communication).

I was working for three years in the advanced technology firm ELAS (Exciting laser solutions). My main task was to program and integrate multiple devices (controllers, thermometers, distance measurers, I/O boards, CAN devices, etc...) into one application / working solution in C # / C ++ programming languages. I had not only to develop existing program, but also develop new one.

Before this I was working as junior MS-SQL,SSRS, C# software developer. Project was about loyalty cards for RIMI food market.

In the last semester I was in top ten of best students(in total there were around 200 students). As progressive student I did an internship in Finland, Tampere, UTA University.

I am determinate, strong-willed, creative, perspective and quickly learning new technologies. I can easily adopt and work in friendly environment, but I am also used to work alone. I do not avoid responsibilities assigned to me.
Programming for me is not only work, but also a hobby, so I am really passionate about what I am doing. I also am creative person on technological matters. I created some home projects like home automation project, bitcon project.

I have hobbies like dancing cuban salsa, bachata, zouk, playing board games, snowboarding, swimming.

Skill Stack

C# 3-4 years
Python 1-2 years
Linux 1-2 years
Embedded Systems Development 1-2 years
Linux C++ 3-4 years Visual C++ 0-1 year

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