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Solution Architect

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: SQL | SQL | MySQL
Working Kaunas, Lithuania 5000 €/month

Personal Statement

work expierence:

php - company ERP system, web pages, e-commerce solutions

python - openERP (now know as odoo), tryton - ERP systems. 

ruby - work at startup, create betting platform

java - created some specialized tools, like data import in ElasticSearch, communication app with priopretary printer

javascript - almost everywhere

typescript - where possible I try replace javascript with typescript, depends on project. 

elasticsearch - created search platform for travel agency. 

Skill Stack

SQL 5-6 years
MySQL 5-6 years
NoSQL 2-3 years
SQLite 2-3 years
MariaDB 1-2 years
Redis 1-2 years
PostgreSQL 1-2 years
Symfony 2-3 years
SQL 5-6 years
PHP 3-4 years
JavaScript 3-4 years
Python 2-3 years
Ruby 1-2 years
Ruby on Rails 1-2 years
Java 1-2 years
Kotlin 0-1 year
ElasticSearch 2-3 years
Solr 0-1 year
Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Sector Background
Technology Startup, E-Commerce, Production, IT Company

Kaunas only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 80 €/h,
Full time position: 5000 €/month
Current status
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