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Solution Architect/Product Owner/Full stack developper

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: Linux | Git | OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) | Windows
Open to Discuss Stockohlm, Sweden 3600 €/month

Personal Statement

While working as a software engineer, I have often been wanting to improve the communication and development
processes. At every project iteration I would be wondering how can/could these step be done more efficiently for me/for
my colleagues/for our customers. Being a product owner I can facilitate both customers and teams to work together
into building the best features and product. I am a strong technical leader with great analytical skills. This enable me to adapt quickly to new settings and technologies.I believe that with theses I could be a beneficial team player.

Early on I have been interested in having a better understanding of innovation and its business challenges.While still studying, I joined the university consulting company USEC. During this one year working as a project manager in a dynamic team, I have been working directly with customers to identify and specify their needs, propose
technical solutions and coach the teams until the full delivery of the solution.

I have successfully been working in the US for two major tech companies. I have developped strong experience in software development.

I am looking forward to discuss opportunities with you.

Best regards,

Camille Boillet


Skill Stack

Linux 3-4 years
Ubuntu 2-3 years
GNU 1-2 years
Scripting 1-2 years
Linux/Unix Admin 1-2 years
Kernel 1-2 years
Embedded Linux 1-2 years
OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) 3-4 years
Scrum 2-3 years
Agile 2-3 years
Waterfall 1-2 years
Sprint 1-2 years
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) 0-1 year
Lean 0-1 year
Kanban 0-1 year
Solution Architecture 2-3 years
Team Leading 2-3 years
Application Architecture 2-3 years
Data Modeling 2-3 years
Requirement Specification 2-3 years
Requirments Analysis 2-3 years
Software Architect 2-3 years
IT Solution Development 2-3 years
System Development 2-3 years
Security architect 2-3 years
Database Design 2-3 years
Implementation 2-3 years
Software Architecture 2-3 years
Stakeholders Management 1-2 years
Customer Facing 1-2 years
Release & Budget Planning 1-2 years
DevOps 1-2 years
Applications Integration 1-2 years
System Architecture 1-2 years
Systems Integration 1-2 years
System implementation 1-2 years
Deployment 1-2 years
Front End Development 1-2 years
HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) 1-2 years
Business Analysis 0-1 year
Data Analysis 0-1 year
Infrastructure Architecture 0-1 year
Configuration Management 0-1 year
IT Service Management 0-1 year
Data Migration 0-1 year
Data Management 0-1 year
Embedded Systems Development 0-1 year
Network Architecture 0-1 year
Application Management 0-1 year
IT Security 0-1 year
Systems administration 0-1 year
Identity Management 0-1 year
Linux Servers 2-3 years
Linux Install & Support 1-2 years
Virtualization 1-2 years
VMWare 1-2 years
VirtualBox 1-2 years
Git 3-4 years
Jira 2-3 years
CVS 1-2 years
Eclipse 1-2 years
Qt 1-2 years
Gulp 1-2 years
Ant 0-1 year
Visual Studio 0-1 year
Qlikview 0-1 year
Xcode 0-1 year
UX Design 1-2 years
OpenGL 0-1 year
Web Design 0-1 year
UI/UX 0-1 year
2D/3D graphics 0-1 year
Android 1-2 years
IOS 0-1 year
Linux C++ 1-2 years
Embedded C 0-1 year
Visual C++ 0-1 year
Objective C 0-1 year
Laravel 1-2 years
CodeIgniter 1-2 years
WordPress 0-1 year
PrestaShop 0-1 year
XSLT 2-3 years
SOAP 2-3 years
REST 2-3 years
JSon 1-2 years
HTML5 1-2 years
Ajax 0-1 year
Bootstrap 0-1 year
Unit Testing 1-2 years
Acceptance Testing 1-2 years
Test Case Design 1-2 years
SoapUI 0-1 year
JUnit 0-1 year
Manual Testing 0-1 year
Test Automation 0-1 year
Test Analysis 0-1 year
MySQL 2-3 years
DB Architecture 1-2 years
SQL 1-2 years
Mongo DB 0-1 year
SQLite 0-1 year
PostgreSQL 0-1 year
JBoss 0-1 year
TomCat 0-1 year
SWIFT 0-1 year
Docker 0-1 year
Oracle 0-1 year
J2EE 0-1 year
Maven 0-1 year
JSF 0-1 year
JSP 0-1 year
Spring 0-1 year
Servlets 0-1 year
Java EE 0-1 year
C++ 2-3 years
Java 1-2 years
JavaScript 1-2 years
PHP 1-2 years
C 1-2 years
SQL 1-2 years
Python 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
iOS Swift 0-1 year
Bash 0-1 year
JQuery 1-2 years
Rest API 1-2 years
Node.js 0-1 year
React.js 0-1 year
Windows 3-4 years
Client/Server 2-3 years
HTTP 2-3 years
Cloud 1-2 years
Administration 1-2 years
MATLAB 0-1 year
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
German Kompetente Sprachverwendung(C1/C2)
Developer 2-3 years
Architect 1-2 years
Project Manager 1-2 years
Team Lead 1-2 years
Full-stack developer 1-2 years
Scrum Master 0-1 year
Product Owner 0-1 year
IT Architect 0-1 year
Masters degree in IT Graduated
Relocation & Travel + +
Mind-blowing Projects + +
Overwhelming Team + +
Inspirational Leadership + +
Career Gateway + +
Exceptional Training +
High-End Office +
Culture of Experiments +
IT Company 2-3 years
eCommerce 0-1 year
App Development 0-1 year
Solution Architect/Product Owner/Full stack developper

Solution Architect/Product Owner/Full stack developper

Sector Background
Technology Startup, IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 36 €/h,
Full time position: 3600 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
(Updated: 5 years ago)

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