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System Engineer/Administrator

Expert (+10 years experience)
Key experience: Windows Servers | LDAP | Windows Install & Support | Active Directory | Linux Servers | Linux Install & Support | Network Protocols | Hardware Assembling | Firewalls | Network Security | Cisco | Virtualization | VMWare | HyperV | VirtualBox | Linux Security | System Tunning
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 10000 €/month

Personal Statement

I am an experienced and well qualified IT and Server Infrastructure Engineer and technical lead with over 10 years of experience spanning the professional IT services within banking and educational industries. I have extensive experience in both server BAU support and project based environments and have maintained a healthy balance between technical knowledge and project management. I feel that can easily bring new energies and to motivate others in the team.

Skill Stack

Windows Servers 5-6 years
LDAP 5-6 years
Windows Install & Support 5-6 years
Active Directory 5-6 years
Linux Servers 5-6 years
Linux Install & Support 5-6 years
Network Protocols 5-6 years
Hardware Assembling 5-6 years
Firewalls 5-6 years
Network Security 5-6 years
Cisco 5-6 years
Virtualization 5-6 years
VMWare 5-6 years
HyperV 5-6 years
VirtualBox 5-6 years
Linux Security 5-6 years
System Tunning 5-6 years
Load Balancing 4-5 years
Data Storage & Backups 4-5 years
Storage Area Networks (SAN) 2-3 years
OpenStack 0-1 year
System Engineer/Administrator

System Engineer/Administrator

Sector Background
Bank&Finance, Telecommunication, IT Company, E-Commerce, Public Sector

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 100 €/h,
Full time position: 10000 €/month
Current status
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