Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

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2600 €/Mėn. Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui

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Windows | Python | Git

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IT Įmonė


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Pastovus darbas: 2600 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

I have more four years of experience working in data science field. Currently, I work as Computer Vision Engineer in Zippy Vision. I'm participating in different computer vision projects using various machine and deep learning techniques, creating and testing models, and assisting in new datasets creation.

While working in Accenture was participating in Hackathons, where as a team achieved 3rd place from more than 100 teams!

When I’m not on the job, I'm teaching and assisting in lecture organizations for local and foreigner students.

From my greatest life achievements I can highlight 2 medals from boxing fights. They taught me how to overcome myself, how to go to your desired goals and break my limits.

If you have a project I can help with or just want to have a cup of tea and good soul talk, please get in touch.

“Each of us lives dependent and bound by our individual knowledge and our awareness. All that is what we call reality. However, both knowledge and awareness are equivocal, one’s reality might be another’s illusion. We all live inside our own fantasies.” Itachi Uchiha

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Windows 4-5 metai
Cloud computing 3-4 metai Machine Learning 3-4 metai Requirement Specification iki metų Data Management iki metų Data Analysis iki metų Business Analysis iki metų
Python 4-5 metai SQL 3-4 metai
Amazon Web Services 3-4 metai
Git 4-5 metai Confluence 2-3 metai Jira 2-3 metai
Linux 2-3 metai
Unit Testing 1-2 metai
Agile 3-4 metai Scrum 3-4 metai Waterfall 1-2 metai
Data Scientist 2-3 metai
Lenkų Biegły Użytkownik (C1/C2) Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Culture of Experiments + + Karjeros Vartai + +
Magistras IT srityje Gautas diplomas

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