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IT Project Manager

Ekspertas (+10 metų patirtis)
Didžiausia patirtis: Data Analysis | Team Leading | Infrastructure | Risk Management | IT Service Management | Business Analysis | Android | Agile
Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui Vilnius, Lietuva 3500 €/Mėn.

Apie Mane

A highly resourceful, flexible, innovative and enthusiastic leader. Possessing considerable experience of managing projects from beginning to end, defining the project plan, timeline, scope and executing the analysis before providing detailed recommendations. Having an impressive track record of delivering major operational improvement and of orchestrating people, schedules and resources for optimum productivity, efficiency & quality. I also have a strong background in general administration along with experience of sales and working to KPI’s.

• Creating effective, informed and highly motivated teams focused on delivery.

• Experience of working with sponsors, stakeholders, and solution providers.

• Successful and demonstrable delivery of results from a client site.

• Experience of web development, sales, new business and marketing projects.

• Accurately identifying a client’s key requirements.

• Comprehensive understanding of project management methodologies.

• Managing and supporting the testing and implementation of business initiatives.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Data Analysis virš 6 metų
Team Leading virš 6 metų
Infrastructure virš 6 metų
Risk Management virš 6 metų
IT Service Management virš 6 metų
Business Analysis virš 6 metų
Android virš 6 metų
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2-3 metai
MySQL 2-3 metai
Amazon Web Services 1-2 metai
Agile virš 6 metų
Scrum 4-5 metai
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 1-2 metai
Telekomunikacijos virš 6 metų
Projektų Vadovas(-ė) virš 6 metų
Scrum Master 4-5 metai
IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager

Patirtis Sektoriuje
IT Įmonė, Telekomunikacijos, Bankas ir Finansai, Gamyba, Draudimas, E-Komercija, Valstybinis, Technologijų Startup

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Atlygio Rėžiai (po mokesčių)
Darbas Projekte: 35 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 3500 €/Mėn.
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Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui
(Atnaujinta: Prieš 3 metus)

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