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IT architect

Vidēja līmeņa (2-4 gadu pieredze)
Būtiskākā pieredze: LDAP | Windows Servers | Windows Install & Support | Active Directory | Linux Servers | Linux Install & Support | Network Protocols | Firewalls | Network Security | Cisco | Virtualization
Apspriežams Gothenburg, Zviedrija 5000 €/mēnesī

Sevis apraksts

Said has a PhD in computer science with a specialization in network technology. He has two relevant masters degrees. The first is a Master of Science in Telecommunications and the second is a Master of Engineering in the security of information systems and networks.

Said has comprehensive qualifications in information technology and experiences from both research and development and industry and from multiple multicultural work environments in Europe, Africa and North America. He developed excellent teamwork leadership, technical knowledge and also teaching and presentation skills.
He has gained experience from Ericsson in both operational support and involvement in the delivery of IT projects throughout the complete solution life cycle. He has also strong customer focus and very good communication and cooperation skills.

Said has a big interest in IT infrastructure and he is looking for the opportunity to implement his knowledge and contribute in cutting-edge projects and also take responsibilities from designing and implementing to managing and supporting business critical server and infrastructure systems. He has a good knowledge of Microsoft technologies, Linux operating systems, LAN & WAN management and security.

Prasmju kopums

LDAP 1-2 years
Windows Servers 1-2 years
Windows Install & Support 1-2 years
Active Directory 1-2 years
Linux Servers 1-2 years
Linux Install & Support 1-2 years
Network Protocols 1-2 years
Firewalls 1-2 years
Network Security 1-2 years
Cisco 1-2 years
Virtualization 1-2 years
Routers 0-1 year
IT architect

IT architect

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IT uzņēmums, Telekomunikācija

Atrašanās vieta
Gothenburg only
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Projekta uzdevums: 65 €/h,
Štata darbinieks: 5000 €/mēnesī
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