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Full-Stack Software Engineer

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: MySQL | Java SE | Java EE
Available Now Palanga, Lithuania 2000 €/month

Personal Statement

I can work directly with customers and interesting people. I have teamwork experience as well I am able to plan work and assignment time and have clear written knowledge wo I can formulate and Based decision and I am able to work well and

assume responsibility for the quality of my work

Skill Stack

MySQL 2-3 years
Java SE 2-3 years
Java EE 2-3 years
Spring 1-2 years
Android 1-2 years
JavaScript 1-2 years
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Sector Background
Technology Startup

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 13 €/h,
Full time position: 2000 €/month
Current status
Available Now
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